We are committed to the highest degree of excellence in all services we provide.

Customer service is very important at MCP. A pathologist is always available to answer questions or discuss patient results and/or treatment. Our friendly administrative staff is also here to help with any client needs. Local laboratory expertise focusing on the patient and community. 

Consultative Service

Full consultation with pathologists regarding test selection, methodologies and results. MCP offers cutting edge image analysis and remote digital pathology solutions for your convenience.

Specimen Testing 

MCP offers the most current testing technology in women’s health to its physicians and patients. Our state of the art molecular facility offers a full service menu, many directly out of the Pap vial. Along with Liquid Based Image Guided cervical screening technology, our tests.

A comprehensive test menu followed by rapid result reporting. Our surgical pathology team has extensive experience and knowledge in Dermatology, Urology, Cytology, and Gastrointestinal pathology.

We are flexible, skilled and experts in our fields, with a menu encompassing Surgical Pathology, Histology, Cytopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Breast Tumor Testing, and Molecular Biology.

Our lab provides in-house billing specialists and claim filing with participation with all major insurance companies. We also provide specific cost saving business solutions for physician practices and hospitals offering customized laboratory business solutions

Test Order/Result Solution 

Test orders and results are available through our web-based product designed for physician offices and hospitals. Test results can also be delivered by courier, fax, mail, and EMR interface.

Our sophisticated lab information system delivers a comprehensive laboratory result report for a complete cellular sample evaluation of the patient. This combined test report provides efficiency and assurance to the clinician from all the tests collected from a single specimen. 

MCP’s tissue correlation under one single lab prevents a lapse of overall patient medical history and allows a complete cellular sample correlation evaluation of the patient.

Client Support

MCP provides courier services to our clients in a rapid and reliable manner. Couriers will pick up all intended specimens and will drop off reports and supplies as needed. Where applicable we’ll deploy overnight air transportation services as a viable alternative. Our lab support team is available to ensure quality service and to provide appropriate communication. We are committed to rapidly responding to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Client Supplies

Supplies such as test requisitions, collection vials/devices, shipping supplies, etc. necessary for the collection and transport of specimens to MCP are provided at no charge to our clients. Supplies may be ordered by phone, fax or email of our Supply Order Form, or by ordering online.